Founded in 1979 the mission of the Melvin Yahr International Parkinson’s Disease Foundation has always differed significantly from those of other foundations serving the Parkinson community. It is committed to promoting a truly international community of researchers, focusing on the young enthusiastic investigators and clinicians who might otherwise be forced to abandon their ideas and efforts.

The Melvin Yahr Foundation helps junior physicians and neuroscientists continue their research on Parkinson’s Disease and related disorders, with financial support for professional and intellectual development.

Who would have imagined a few short years ago that promising research ideas would originate from places like China, South Korea, India, Israel or Brazil? Suddenly, emerging nations are providing an increasing share of the young, well-educated and motivated researchers responsible for innovative treatments.

With your help, we will continue to foster a liaison between the best minds from around the world and the advanced research and financial infrastructure that is well-established in the United States and Europe.